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Wildlife along the Alaska Highway in British Columbia

Toad River Lodge and R.V. Park is located on Historic Alaska Hwy 422 and on the banks of Reflection Lake with its wildlife viewing and habitat. For birders this is truly one of the best kept secrets with over 24 different kinds of ducks. You will see beaver, moose, ducks and birds in the quiet back water of the lake.

Toad River is just up the road and you can fish for Dolly Varden and Grayling.Along the road in the Stone Mountain area is a herd of Mountain Sheep, and what a sight that is. If you are going to try to photograph them be sure to safely pull off the road. To the west there are wild Buffalo.In both directions from Toad River live Caribou, Elk, White Tail and Black Tail Deer, Mountain Sheep, Black Bear and Grizzly Bear. On occasion other wildlife can be seen.

All it takes is a day here and it is so easy to understand why people will say “It’s so nice here, let’s stay at least another day”

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