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Toad River Lodge in British Columbia, Canada

about-picToad River Lodge was started from the life-long dreams of two boyhood best friends, Darrel and Matthew. Growing up on neighboring family farms in Edson Alberta, the boys dreamt that one day they would live and play in the north.

After high school they traveled all over western Canada while working in an Alberta oil patch. After leaving the oil business, they began working in a coal mine near Hinton, Alberta. While Matthew continued on at the coal mine, Darrel left and began his own logging company. On their days off they spent their time fishing, hunting, trapping, ATV riding and exploring the Canadian outdoors.

In 1998 they took their families on vacation, traveling along the Alaska Highway. Not only were they on vacation, but they were in search of a new place to call home. In the spring of ’99 Matthew and Darrel became the new owners of the Toad River Lodge.

Darrel and Matthew continue to be best friends, spending any free moments enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you are traveling to your final destination or you are looking for a quiet retreat along the Alaska Hwy, Toad River Lodge & RV Park is the ideal place to stop and relax. Family owned and operated, we take great pride in what we do here and we want you to enjoy it and come back to visit us year after year as you travel in the Northern Canadian Wilderness.

Matthew Roy and Darrel Stevens

Darrel, improving the RV Park, one campsite at a time

Matthew, helping to make your stay at Toad River Lodge a comfortable one

Historic Photos of Toad River

“It’s so nice here, let’s stay at least another day”

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